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The Pearl

The Pearl is similar to Harold and Eno’s previous collaboration Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror, consisting mostly of subtly treated piano textures, but this time with more pronounced electronic treatments and nature recordings. This album was produced with Daniel Lanois.


As reviewed by Neil Raggett of All Music:


"Acting in some respects as the understandable counterpart to Ambient 2, with the same sense of hushed, ethereal beauty the partnership brought forth on that album, The Pearl is so ridiculously good it instantly shows up much of the mainstream new age as the gloopy schlock that it often is... Another key point is how Budd truly captures what ambience in general can and does mean. "Against the Sky" is a strong example — it can be totally concentrated upon or left to play as atmospherics and is also at once both truly beautiful and not a little haunting in a disturbing sense. Other highlight tracks include the deceptively simple title track, as serene a piece of music as was ever recorded, and the closing "Still Return," bringing The Pearl to a last peak of beauty."




1   Late October

2   A Stream With Bright Fish

3  The Silver Ball

4  Against The Sky

5  Lost In The Humming Air

6  Dark-Eyed Sister

7  Their Memories

8  The Pearl

9  Foreshadowed

10 An Echo Of Night

11 Still Return




Artwork [Covert Art], Design – Russell Mills

Composed By – Brian Eno, Harold Budd

Photography By – Christina Birrer

Producer – Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois


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