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Mysterious Skin


Liner Notes


Writes Mysterious Skin director Gregg Araki, “I have been a huge fan of Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd since the glory days of the 80s when 4AD, the Cocteau Twins, the White Arcades et al ruled and shaped my world. This music has been such an essential part of my life and such a profound influence on me and my work. I always listen to music when I write - as does Scott Heim, author of the original novel Mysterious Skin - so this soundtrack is much, much more than mere background music: it's the heart and soul of the whole movie.  The dreamy poetic nature of both the book and the film comes directlly from this style of music - and the incredible score Robin and Harold have composed is so evocative and breathtakingly beautiful, it literally brought me to tears the first time I heard it. I am so thrilled and honored to have this music in Mysterious Skin. To be honest, I really didn't think that these two modern alternative music legends would have the time or inclination to create an original score for our little indie film. To Harold and Robin, two of the most brilliant, generous artists and all-around awesome human beings to ever gract the planet, thank you for blessing Mysterious Skin with your amazing talents. And thanks especially for allowing the entire world to enjoy this gorgeous music, over and voer and over again, the way I have since you first gave me a copy back when we were mixing the movie.




  • Artwork By [Art Direction And Graphic Design] – I-Formation, Scott Kawczynski

  • Executive Producer – Tracy McKnight, Walter Yetnikoff

  • Recorded By – Brad Ellis*

  • Written-By, Performer – Harold Budd

  • Written-By, Performer, Producer, Mixed By – Robin Guthrie



1  Neil's Theme

2  The Memories Returning

3  Snowfall

4  Neil's Farewell

5  Childhood Lost

6  Halloween

7  A Silhouette Approaches

8  Goodbye To Wendy

9  Brian's Nightmare/The Unknown, Part 1

10  Twilight

11  The Unknown, Part Two

12  The Discovery

13  Loitering

14  The Writing On The Wall

15  One True Love


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