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Little Windows

Press Release:


Darla is pleased to offer a new album from Harold Budd and Clive Wright.  Little Windows completes the trilogy begun withA Song for Lost Blossoms and carried through their previous album Candylion.  Part of Little Windows was recorded especially for Echoes, the nightly music soundscape from Public Radio International heard on over 120 public radio stations and online at  These recordings were first heard on Echoes Radio in Fall 2009.  The other part of Little Windows was recorded by Clive and Harold working together at Clive's studio. Little Windows showcases these Artist's individual talents more so than their two previous albums. Only two of the nine tracks are collaborative Budd/Wright works. Four tracks are fully fleshed out Clive Wright solo compositions recorded at his Desert Sky Studio. Three tracks are Harold Budd solo at the piano -- just Harold with a beautiful sounding piano in a beautiful sounding room at Knobworld Studios, Silverlake.

Little Windows is a fresh collage of aural landscapes and moods just the same as A Song For Lost Blossoms and Candylion. Clive's work evokes the desert landscape of his Joshua Tree, California home -- silent, serene, pristine and austere yet opulent in unique beauty and humble spirit. As it has often been said, "You can identify Harold's piano playing in just three notes". It is that unique, always -- minimalist yet glowingly warm and glistening, meditative and alive. For my ears, there's absolutely no better way to enjoy Harold Budd's music than to hear it just Harold and piano solo -- delightfully minimal, subversive, beautiful and without distraction.


Little Windows was recorded and mixed for the most part at Clive Wright's Desert Sky Studio, Joshua Tree, CA. during the last quarter of 2009. Harold's three solo Piano pieces were recorded by Jim Lang at Knobworld Studio, Silverlake, CA.



1. Plumade
2. Prelucid
3. Procession of Moons
4. Queen of Cydonia
5. Numismatic
6. Drifting Cities
7. Tong War
8. Sweet Earth Flying
9. Damask, Then


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