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" Glyph " is a collaboration between Harold Budd and Hector Zazou. It strongly bears Budd's and Zazou's stamps, but at the same time marks a radical departure from their respective previous works. It contains slow beats, haunted pianos, mutant jazzy horns, many moments of beauty and mystery, and guest appearances by B.J Cole, Mark Isham, Lian Amber, Barbara Gogan, Lone Kent, Brendan Perry, Daniel Yvinec, and Zazou's usual accomplices on trumpet and woodwind, Christian Lechevretel and Renault Pion.







1. Pandas In Tandem

2. You And Me Against The Sky

3. And Then She Stepped Aside

4. Around The Corner From Everywhere

5. Gorgon's Anxious Pansy

6. Johnny Cake

7. Reflected In The Eye Of A Dragon Fly

8. As Fast I Could Look Away She Was Still There

9. Autre Django

10. The Aperture

11. The Light Gave Us Away


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